What's the first sound you hear in the morning?

February 05, 2017

What's the first sound you hear in the morning?

How often do you take a few minutes before you get up to really listen to the world that's starting up around you. Some sounds that wake us up are good, others are annoying! Just taking time to listen and not judge helps us develop mindfulness and sets us up for the day.

Listen up! with Jane Loukes, Devon, UK

The first thing I hear in the morning is Tabitha, our cat, miaowing and scratching at my bedroom door. It's quite a squeaky, desperate, hungry miaow (probably something to do with our black labrador Humphrey who constantly stuffs in every piece of food he can find, including the contents of Tabitha's bowl, when she isn't looking).

As soon as I open the door, she rushes in and begins to purr loudly. I go to the kitchen and Humphrey pants excitedly, wagging his tail madly, knocking against my legs, chairs, table and kitchen units. I open the back door, give Humphrey a doggy chew which he usually chokes on from eating too fast. The seagulls perching on the neighbour's roof begin squawking loudly as if they are laughing at him. Tabitha has a few seconds to crunch her biscuits in peace before Humphrey returns from the garden, to hover around the food bowl, flinching when Tabitha gives him a tap with her paw for coming too close.

I have an old kettle that whistles when the water boils, It's one of my favourite sounds. I have a nice cup of tea before the children wake up and the day really begins.

Listen up and tell us what you hear, we want to know your story! Send us an email at hello@myhappysongs.com

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