Increase your family's well-being with a walk in the park

May 03, 2017

Increase your family's well-being with a walk in the park

Spending time in nature helps people unwind and relax, this is especially important for new parents and families of young children.

A few weeks ago, there were just twigs on the trees and now the fresh, new leaves are starting to appear and blossoms are everywhere, falling like snowflakes when the wind blows. Trees are amazing, strong, beautiful and peaceful. They clean and replenish our air, give us shade and provide homes to endless animals, birds and insects. It's not surprising that we feel happier when we spend time outside in green and natural spaces.

A walk in the woods, or down a tree-lined avenue reduces anxiety and increases positive feelings. I was interested to read that a recent study by VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam showed that short durations of viewing green pictures may help people recover from stress. So that got me thinking, even if you don't live near any trees, you can get good feelings by looking at pictures of trees.

I know from personal experience, that sometimes it's tough being a new mum, especially when you're sleep deprived! So, if you can't get outside to soak up some calming green vibes, then set your screen saver to a green scene and find your favourite tree pics on instagram when it's all getting too much. And when you're next out for a walk, give a tree a hug and encourage your children to do it too. It's nice to learn about something using all your senses, so if you close your eyes you can discover together the different textures, shapes, aromas and sizes of different trees. Then open your eyes and look up into the beautiful green leaves and feel any stress melting away.


You never know...the tree might whisper back to you. When we were out for a walk, Jenny and Ollie gave this lovely tree a hug, then Ollie told me that the tree had said they could have an ice-cream at the cafe!

We've made a FREE Strong Like a Tree mini meditation for you to try out, it takes 3 minutes and can help reduce stress.



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