Celebrate Learning Something New with Your Child

June 04, 2017

Celebrate Learning Something New with Your Child

Last week we talked about creating a positive growth mindset and the importance of encouraging children to 'have a go'.


Another vital element of developing a positive growth mindset involves celebrating success but thinking carefully about how you define success.

We all like the feeling of winning or being the 'best' and it's important to celebrate achievement but research has repeatedly shown that focusing too much on the result and on a child's natural abilities can actually have a negative effect on that child's mindset in the long term.

Carol Dweck, the pioneer of positive growth mindset, looked at how mothers praised their babies at 1,2 and 3 years old, in a study at the University of Chicago. 'We found that process praise predicted the child's mindset and desire for challenge 5 years later,' she said. Children who had received more early process praise sought more challenges and did better at school.

Process praise empowers children to continue to challenge themselves and work hard, not be afraid to make mistakes and be able to bounce back if things don't go as planned. 

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To make the most of the praise you are giving, it's important to be honest and specific, e.g. instead of saying 'That's the greatest picture I have ever seen!', you could say 'I really like the way you mixed the paint colours on your picture today and I can see you used crayons too!'.

Talking about what you learnt at the dinner table instead of what you did is a daily ritual that encourages a positive mindset and we love this process praise statement:

I learnt something new today!

Because it reminds us that everyday we have the opportunity to learn, grow and be happy, even if we aren't 'the best' at something. 


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