Do you want to know how these lovely illustrations are made?

January 26, 2017

Do you want to know how these lovely illustrations are made?

Let's meet Natascha Rosenberg, our wonderful illustrator based in Barcelona. Come and look at her beautiful drawings for children.


Natascha-Rosenberg-My-Happy-SongsNatascha was born in Germany, but grew up in Spain. She describes herself as "lucky" being bilingual and able to appreciate and be part of two different cultures.

She started her career studying law, and did get her degree but knew all along that it was not what she really wanted to do. Finally in 1998 she started doing what felt right: she started working as a freelance illustrator.

Ever since then she has been trying out different styles and falling in love with different techniques. She works mainly on children's books but you can also see her work in magazines, on CD Covers, in exhibitions and even on toys.


Maybe you were good at art at school, or maybe you are thinking about learning to draw? It's such a great hobby to have, but it can take time to develop a style that captures emotion. This is what makes Natascha special.

Natascha-Rosenberg-Cats-My-Happy-SongsHer pictures have an inherent sense of "goodness" and a happy quality to them that nurtures the viewer. And that's why we love her doing drawings for us.  As you look through our website you will see her friendly, illustrated characters and children popping up.

But to answer our question at the start of this story. Do you want to know how these lovely illustrations are made? Well they are created through practice, observation and experimentation. You need to take time to observe children, look at the gifts they can give you – their joy in the simple things we often take for granted and just try to start capturing that on paper. Start with some simple drawings, get yourself a pad of drawing paper and some 2B pencils and draw some pictures of your own children!  Remember just be confident and give it a go. That's what Natascha did!
To see more of her lovely work you can visit her website:


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