How to make special, forest fairies with leaves and flowers

April 29, 2017

How to make special, forest fairies with leaves and flowers

Listening to Emma's Forest Lullaby from our personalised Dreamy Lullabies album for Emma, made us think about fairies so we went for a walk and collected some bits and pieces to make a forest fairy family.

Children and adults of all ages can enjoy doing this activity, you're never too old to play! Just let your ideas flow, then have fun making up names and your own adventure stories!

Take a walk through the park or woodland with your child and collect lots of different leaves, flowers, seeds and bark and any natural items you might find. This is  a lovely activity in itself and helps your child develop mindfulness and a connection with the natural world. Bring them home and you are ready to start making your fairies. You will also need some nice smooth pebbles, we painted some faces on ours with child-friendly paints.


This lovely adult/child activity is good for:

• Imagination and creative play
• Choosing your own ways to do things
• Conversation – talking about families and make believe
• Fine motor control – placing and manipulating natural materials
• And most importantly, fun, happiness and laughter!

Send us some pictures of your woodland fairies at

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