Try Some Simple Acupressure and Make Your Feet Happy!

June 03, 2017

Try Some Simple Acupressure and Make Your Feet Happy!

Give your child's feet a massage or sensory treat by letting them go barefoot.


my happy songs children playing at beach

We were at one of our favourite beaches this week, Durdle Door on the Dorset coast of England. As well as being breathtakingly beautiful, my children love the tiny stones that cover the beach.

My son, Ollie likes to push his feet into the stones, burying them to make a 'stone bath' and Jenny, my daughter, likes to sprinkle them over her feet like a shower. I tried it and it certainly felt very relaxing and soothing. Ollie said it made his feet feel happy!

Our feet are just as sensitive as our hands and children love to learn and be playful with their feet. And there's no reason why us adults shouldn't continue to explore and have fun with our feet too!

my happy songs feet on stones


I think if feet could make a bucket list it would look something like this:

  1. Squelch in some mud then wash it off with some warm bubbles.

  2. Take a walk in wet grass.

  3. Play on the beach, running in the waves and feeling the sand and stones.

  4. Receive a lovely massage then put on some soft fleecy socks.

  5. Relax in a bowl of warm water beads.

  6. Paint rainbow toenails.

  7. Run really fast round a trampolene.

  8. Kick up piles of crunchy autumn leaves.

  9. Put on a pair of super comfortable shiny new shoes!


Massage is a wonderful treat to give your baby or child at bedtime, deeply relaxing and connecting you in preparation for sleep. Foot massage may actually help with teething pain if you massage your babies toes, including the joints of the toes. This is based on the theory of acupressure, related to acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine, which says the body is full of invisible energy lines that if stimulated can balance the body. There are energy lines in the toes that connect to the mouth and teeth so if your baby is having trouble with new teeth it's worth a try.

my happy songs baby feet having  a massage

The best way to give a massage is experiment with different finger movements, like stroking, tapping, gentle kneading and find out what your child really likes and stop when they signal that they've had enough (or if they've fallen asleep!). It doesn't need to be technical but you could use a small amount of oil to make it even more relaxing. The Fragrant Pharmacy Book by Valerie Ann Wormwood has a section about the different oils you can use for babies and children and their therapeutic benefits.

Come and tell us on Facebook what makes your feet happy!

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