How to Make a Magical Crown or Tiara with Your Child

June 10, 2017

How to Make a Magical Crown or Tiara with Your Child

We love games that get children talking and dreaming and there’s no better way than to play dressing up.

If you were queen (or king) for a day what would you do?

This is a great question to start a play session with preschoolers and could be the start of an exciting adventure!

A true king or queen has to have a crown, so we’ve made two extra special ones for you to try making at home with your preschooler. We’ve based them on these fabulous crowns from the collection of crown jewels in the United Kingdom:

The Imperial State Crown - This crown is worn by the reigning monarch after their coronation and every year at the state opening of parliament. The rest of the time, it’s kept in the jewel house at the Tower of London. Except of course when it’s being worn by your little one at breakfast!

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara - so pretty, it’s the queen’s favourite Tiara. You can find it on British bank notes and coins. A proper fairytale crown!

Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

You will need:

A length of white card 4cm deep, approximately 50cm long
6 - 8 small paper doilies
Silver paint
PVA glue

Let's start:


tiara craft instructions

1. Measure the circumference of your child’s head and cut a length of white card the length of the circumference plus 4cm and 5cm deep. Cut your paper doilies in half and then cut cut patterns along the edges if you want to (see Picture).

2. Mix up some silver paint and PVA glue in a ratio of 50:50. Coat your length of card with the paint/glue mix then stick the doily halves along one side of the card to make a pattern.

3. Gently coat the doilies in the silver paint/glue mix (dabbing gently works well, then the doilies won’t break).

4. Sprinkle with silver glitter and leave to dry.

Once dry, fit the sparkly tiara to your child’s head, overlapping and stapling the end to make it secure.

Imperial State Crown

You will need:

1 sheet of A3 sized white card
5 small paper doilies
Craft jewels
Cotton wool balls
Small piece of black card or paper
Purple tissue paper
Silver paint
PVA glue


Let's start:


1. Cut the card into the crown shape using the measurements shown in picture.

crown craft template

crown craft instructions

2. Cut the paper doilies in half. Mix up some silver paint and PVA glue in a ratio of 50:50. Paint your crown shape with the silver paint/glue mix. Use the silver paint/glue mix to attach the doilies to the crown, coat gently in the mix.

3. Stick on the jewels.

4. Spread glue along the base of crown and attach the cotton wool balls.

5. Cut small pieces of black paper or card and carefully glue a few onto the cotton wool balls, spacing evenly along the base of the crown. Leave to dry.

put your crown together craft step

6. Fit the base of the crown to your child’s head and secure card with staples. Remove from your child's head and bring the two side pieces together to make the top, trim off any excess to achieve the shape you want and secure with staples.
Bring front piece all the way to the back of the crown, trim off any excess to achieve the shape you want and secure with staples.

7. Fill the inside of the crown with purple tissue paper and secure with some sellotape.

We really hope you enjoy making and wearing your crown!

These projects are great for teaching preschoolers:

    • imaginative play
    • fine motor skills
    • maths - counting, shapes, size, measuring
    • communication and language
    • learning about history and our world

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