How to make beautiful, magical flower fairies with petals

June 24, 2017

How to make beautiful, magical flower fairies with petals

Listening to our Forest Lullaby, from our Dreamy Lullabies album, got us in the mood for some magical picture making.

I collected a few flowers and leaves and put them out with two stone faces as an invitation to play. This was a great creative game and the children's imagination really did blossom when they were making their pictures!  


This kind of activity is great for developing fine motor skills too, picking up the delicate flowers and leaves and putting them where you want them to go can be quite tricky. The children found it really relaxing to experience the lovely colours and textures of the different natural materials they were using. While older children like to create their own people, this would be a lovely bonding activity for parents and younger children to do together.


It's fun to take photos of your petal people and look at them all afterwards, then you can talk about them, give them names and make up little stories about them or even songs!


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