Listen up - What the Queen Hears First Thing in the Morning

June 17, 2017

Listen up - What the Queen Hears First Thing in the Morning

How often do you take a few minutes before you get up to really listen to the world that's starting up around you. Some sounds that wake us up are good, others are annoying! Just taking time to listen and not judge helps us develop mindfulness and sets us up for the day.

Listen up! with the Queen

It's a bit tricky getting hold of the Queen to ask her about her morning routine and the sounds that wake her. Luckily we have come across various articles which report how she starts her day.

According to a feature in People! magazine written by royal author, Brian Hoey, the Queen wakes up at around 7.30 am. The first thing she hears is her vintage Roberts radio tuned to the Today program on the BBC's Radio 4. She says that she likes listening to politicians being grilled about their policies!

I doubt the Queen gets much chance to have a lie in though. According to at around everyday, the Queen's piper plays his bagpipes under her window for fifteen minutes. She is so attuned to the playing that she can tell if her usual piper has been replaced.


According to Brian Hoey, Her Majesty starts each morning with a cup of English breakfast tea. This is brought to her by her butler, with milk on the side. I expect it's on a fancy tray with a silver teapot and a nice cup and saucer. Then she eats breakfast – cornflakes or Special K, topped with apricots, prunes, macadamia nuts or strawberries. She might need an extra helping today as it's the Trooping of the Colour and she is going to be busy!

Start thinking about your morning routine, how do you wake up, are you always in a rush? Try making some time for yourself in the mornings, even if it's just ten minutes. I set my radio alarm clock to switch on half an hour before I need to get up. I wake up gently to the local news and other sounds outside and around me too. Dozing, listening and planning my day. It's nice to get up and feel like the day is starting on a good note.

Finding time to reflect and think about life is becoming ever difficult in our busy world. It's important to make time for you so listen up!

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